The Rabbit Man at Bixby Creek Bridge

I recently took a trip to San Francisco. Although it was during Memorial Day Weekend, the trip had no real purpose or occasion. Well, other than for its own sake. I started the trip by heading up to the 101 freeway, but once I got to Paso Robles, I decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway instead. It’s a much longer route (roughly four hours more) but the scenery is worth it.

My friend Miguel and I occasionally stopped to take photos along the PCH. At times the route takes you high above the shore, where the clouds frequent.

I stopped at Bixby Creek Bridge towards the end of the trip, about half-way between Big Sur and Carmel. It’s a gorgeous place; the picturesque bridge faces the ocean below it, and is bordered by cliffs. The bridge is also quite famous, from what I’m told. I think I may even have spotted it in a commercial recently. You know, that car commercial with the “I love you California” song that’s reminiscent of the 1910’s.

Bixby Bridge is one of my favorite places along the PCH. I’m sure you can see why. This photo was taken on the north end of the bridge, just after we crossed it.

Not surprisingly, there were many tourists at the bridge. People were taking photos, taking selfies, and even just getting out of their cars to stretch their legs. One man even walked along the outer edge to pose for a photo while practicing his yo-yo. Later I learned that there was a yo-yo competition in Golden Gate Park. I imagine that this person was among the contestants. …either that or he just carries a yo-yo at all times.

A daredevil of sorts, this young man stands along the outer edge of the bridge while practicing his yo-yo skills.

Miguel and I joined the crowd and started snapping away. The bridge was quite beautiful of course, but something else was grabbing my attention. On the side of the cliffs was a vagrant-looking man. He looked homeless, but I don’t think he was. With him, were three rabbits; one large and two small. The large rabbit sat on his head and the two smaller ones on either shoulder. I was fascinated by how the creatures remained still, despite the noise and movements. He would talk to people and sing occasionally, hoping to make some money I guess.

The Rabbit Man, posing with his three bunnies.

Most people ignored the man, as did I at first. But I couldn’t resist asking him for a photo. In many ways, he was more interesting to look at than the bridge. He happily granted me the opportunity and I snapped away. Seeing how eagerly the man posed, Miguel asked that I take a photo of him with the man. I don’t think Miguel was expecting to be joining in on the man’s fun.

The look on Miguel’s face is PRICELESS. I’d probably be the same though. There’s no telling what sort of condition those rabbits were in…

Immediately after, we got back in our car and continued along the route. It was a short moment along the trip, but easily one of my favorites. It reminded me that stories are part of why I take photos. And it’s this particular aspect of photography that’s largely responsible for the creation of this photo blog. It’s just one of many more to come.